australian dialect

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australian dialect

Beitrag von catchat » 21.06.2006 - 11:08

hi everyone - who can't get tired of listening / reading aussie strine?
I have a friend, will, who momentarily is preparing for a trip up to mt.everest.
sounds awesome? well, it is when I tell you that will has only 1 leg and is going to do the climb on crutches.
anyhow - he set up a website and is writing a diary for all who are interested.
will is an aussie bloke and speaks strine, his "personal journey" is ridden with expressions like "flamin' hec" and sorts.

have fun, not only that: marvel at what he is achieving!
his website:
liebe grüsse
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Beitrag von Bonnie » 21.06.2006 - 13:10

wow, thats amazing. I really look up to him.
Very interesting Homepage!
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