Happy Australia Day!

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Happy Australia Day!

Beitrag von osx_lover » 26.01.2005 - 03:33

Hey - what are you doing on Australia Day?

I'm going to see the fireworks here in Perth
( http://www.wcities.com/en/record/276,16 ... ecord.html )

Hope you're all having fun on your first(?) Australia Day!


Viele Gruesse aus Perth...
redcentre (verstorben)
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Beitrag von redcentre (verstorben) » 26.01.2005 - 05:00

G'day Laura,
enjoy the day.

On Australia Day back in 19?? I became aquainted with the Australian bush. Went fishing in the Murray near Morgan.
That was just 2 days after I disembarked in Melbourne after a 32 day cruise on MS Castle Felice.

Have a guess how many years ago that was.
2 hints,
I was still young and handsome :lol:
The Trains on the Old Ghan were still pulled by steam engines.

And I still knock about in the bush :grins:

Enjoy the day,
Australia's Outback is my Backyard
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Beitrag von catchat » 26.01.2005 - 07:50

the australia day I remember I went on a sailing cruise in the whitsundays - no bad day, I tell ya!
but it didn't change my life like yours, redcentre!
liebe grüsse

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