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English Poems

Beitrag von HorseClaudi » 20.02.2005 - 04:34

Hi guys,

first I d like to say that it s a great idea to have this English forum here!

I was wondering if anybody else is writing poems - in English. Since years every now and then I write poems. The words are just coming into my mind and I can t help but write down the words. Until I travelled to Australia it only happened that I wrote poems in German. But since I come to Australia I started to feel, to hear the words in English and wrote some English poems.

Here s one example:

Half Time

There will be a time
when I'll have to say Good-bye
I don't look forward to this time
but I don't fear it either
it's only time
and time is only a construction
but not the reality
and reality is not everything
time is only a word
I've met people who I've known long before
and I've refreshed my tracks
in this beautiful country
Mother Earth is leading me
if I don't fear reaching out my hands
and holding onto hers
without doubts about her strength
and about her weakness at the same time
Trust in her is the gate
to all spaces
where there are no gates any more
I follow the tracks of the brumbies
an expression of my heart becomming complete
The night riders of the night
showing me the rhythm of life
and even these words
don't seem to be mine
however I picked them up
and send them to you!

Claudia at East Point, Darwin, September 2004

If there s anybody else writing English poems I d be interested to exchange them!

Take care,
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I have never written any myself...

Beitrag von kostermann » 20.02.2005 - 20:41

I love the ones from Winnie - The Pooh

Isn't it funny
How a bear likes honey?
Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!
I wonder why he does.

Beitrag von 05Lenchen » 04.10.2005 - 16:36

This poem wrote a good friend of mine

In the darkness of you soul
streams of pain float through your skin
and in devastating moans
everything that lies within
and shatters into parts
which you'll never find again
for you lost the living arts
in the spirit of man.

A bit dark, but I like it
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The colours of feelings

Beitrag von Tommy » 22.12.2005 - 14:13

The colours of feelings

Blue is the sun, red is the sky,
your minds are changing forever,
you're leaving your home, your friends past by,
i canot forget you; never!

The desert is red, the clouds are white,
you know, your new home is coming,
the future is there, you see it so bright,
but still, your feelings are running.

You don't know the way, either the time,
your feelings have lost the direction,
but one thing is clear, you know That is fine,
Two homes are now your election.

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