VERKAUFT - 4x4 Bushcamper, volle Campingausstattung, ab Mitte August, Sydney

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VERKAUFT - 4x4 Bushcamper, volle Campingausstattung, ab Mitte August, Sydney

Beitrag von KSR93 » 03.08.2018 - 11:56

Hallo alle zusammen,

ich komme langsam ans Ende meiner Reise und muss daher leider von meinem treuen Reisebegleiter Abschied nehmen. Kurzer Überblick:

Toyota 4Runner (1991) 4WD
2.8l, 4 Zylinder Diesel (7-8l/100km)
60l tank + 2x 20l Jerry cans (1250-1400km)
~351xxx km sobald ich in Sydney bin
Bull Bar mit side step
Erste Hilfe set griffbereit zwischen den Sitzen
12v Kopmpressor, Reifendruck Messgerät zum präzisen Luft im Sand, Schaufel
Dachzelt mit LED-Beleuchtung
Seitliche Markise
2. Batterie
60l Kühlschrank
330w Solarpanels
350w Inverter für 240v Wechselspannung
LED-Beleuchtung im Auto
Solide 18mm Multiplex Regale für organisierten Stauraum
Camping equipment (22l Wasserkanister, 3 Stühle, Tisch, 4kg Gas Flasche, Geschirr, Pfanne, Topf,.....)
Optionale Schnorchelausrüstung (Schuhe 41-43 + Flossen, Brille, Schborchel, Shorty Größe 4)
WA Rego (1GEH498) für einfachen onlinetransfer
Rego bis 22.10.18
Preisvorstellung: 9500 AUD / 5600€ (verhandelbar ;) )

(Den Rest der Beschreibung hab ich jetzt einfach Mal faul in der originalen englischen Fassung gelassen, die ich auch auf anderen Seiten online habe, sorry :razz:)

I bought naked Hermann in Oct 2017. Over the course of 5 month I spent about 200h planning, buying and installing all the gear mentioned above in my spare time after work. I started my roadtrip in March 2018 and have been traveling since. Hermann has been fully serviced every 10k km, got 2 new front tyres in mid April 2018 and new shock absorbers in the back early May 2018.
The idea was to build a car that is
a) reliable
b) cheap to run
c) goes everywhere
d) never runs out of power for all my electronic devices.

That's why it is
a) a Toyota
b) not a Landcruiser or Patrol - I simply don't need the excessive power, as I'm not towing a caravan or boat trailer
c) 4WD and not a van
d) has all these parts described in the section below.

In depth explanation (skip if too techy):
Okay, so here comes the more detailed description of what is inside.
Behind the driver's seat I installed a 100Ah deepcycle battery (6-CNFJ 12V|100Ah) which is charged through a MPPT regulator (Victron Energy BlueSolar 100|30). There is one 110W solarpanel mounted to the roof, charging the battery all the time. It is easily detachable and can be plugged in series with another 2 110W panels which are stored underneath the tent. All connectors are MC4 plugs which are weather- and foolproof ;)
Comes with a 10m and a 5m cable so you can put the panels up to 15m away from your car. That means you stay in that juicy shade while your panels sweat in the sun.
Between the front seats I put a 350W pure sine inverter (Projects Pro-Wave 350W) to have 240V AC power (No you can't run a hairdryer or kettle, sorry...). This was important to me because I needed to charge my DSLR, my drone and my laptop to transfer the photos/videos to a harddrive.
The fridge (Adventure Kings 60l) is spacious and since it is equipped with the Secop BD35F-Compressor (same as most high-end Engel / Weaco / ...) it only draws ~0,8 A on 12V when cooling a difference of 25°C and around 1 A at 30°C difference. The fridge can also run on 240V so if you have a powered campsite you can just plug in the 10m extension cord.
Quick math: How long can the fridge run without recharge?
100Ah / 0,8A = 125h ~ 5,2 days.
[In fact it runs even longer since the one panel on the roof constantly recharges the battery. I had two cloudy weeks when I was in Cairns and I didn't plug in the other two panels on purpose to see how long it would last. Fridge ran for about 9 days, while still charging my phone every night.]
Quick math #2: How long does it take to recharge the battery?
Assuming perfect conditions the panels produce 330W.
330W / 12V = 27,5A
100Ah / 27,5A = 3,636h
Since conditions are never perfect let's just assume we lose 25%:
100Ah / (27,5A * 0,75) = 4,848h
Long story short: I have never run out of battery running the fridge 24/7, recharging my phone every night, running the LED in the tent for 1-5h every night, recharging the batteries of my drone and my DSLR every other day and recharging my laptop roughly once per week.
The Tent (Adventure Kings Tourer with annexe) is rather sturdy and kept me dry from the west coast (mostly desert anyway - duh!) all the way over to the east coast. Inside you will find a 12V socket with a 2 way USB-Charger to conveniently charge your phone overnight and to power a 10cm fan for the hot nights without a breeze. A 7m RGBWW-LED strip (red green blue warm white) is mounted on two of the poles and will provide plenty light to read or bring the right atmosphere to get naughty... ;)
Quick math #3 on fuel:
Whenever I refueled I calculated my average consumption and the average was 7,6l/100km. Mate of mine (Hi Will!) got 11,4l/100km in his 4,5l Nissan Patrol and a lot of the big Landcruisers use 14l+. By the end of my trip I'll have roughly done 25000km. With an average price of 1,50$/l we're looking at:
25000km / 100km * 7,6l * 1,50$/l = 2850$
25000km / 100km * 11,4l * 1,50$/l = 4275$
which is a 1425$ difference.
Just keep that in mind, even if you end up buying another car.

I kept all the receipts in case of warranty issues. So the deal here is: I get part of my money back and you get my 200h of work in planning and building for free - fair enough?

Alle Fragen gerne hier im Forum oder per privater Nachricht.
Bilder gibt's natürlich auch - einfach fragen. Ich beiße nicht! (Das Forum erlaubt leider weder externe Links noch Bilder über 800px hoch...)
Gerne mach ich auch noch weitere Fotos von bestimmten Details oder Blickwinkeln.

Liebe Grüße
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Re: 4x4 Bushcamper, volle Campingausstattung, ab Mitte August, Sydney

Beitrag von JohannaB86 » 19.09.2018 - 14:24

Hallo Kai, verkaufst du das Auto noch?
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Re: 4x4 Bushcamper, volle Campingausstattung, ab Mitte August, Sydney

Beitrag von KSR93 » 19.09.2018 - 21:01

Hallo Johanna, ich habe vollkommen vergessen hier auch noch ein Update reinzuschreiben.

Meine Pläne haben sich inzwischen schon komplett geändert. Ich bin wieder in Deutschland und habe das Auto an eine Australierin vermietet. Im Januar fliege ich dann noch ein zweites Mal nach Australien und nehme mir Tasmanien und die Südküste vor. Das bedeutet, dass das Auto aktuell nicht mehr zum Verkauf steht, allerdings nächstes Jahr wieder im März/April. Dann vermutlich aber auch in Perth.

Vermutlich also leider nicht mit deinen Zeitplänen kompatibel...

Sorry, aber vielen Dank für dein Interesse :wink:
Liebe Grüße

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